Celebrity cosmetic surgery

Celebrity cosmetic surgery is done on celebrities to improve their looks. By seeing the celebrities having a good look there are people who also want to have such celebrity cosmetic surgery performed on them.


For example there are girls and woman who want their lips to be like that of Angelina Jolie. This can be done by liposuctions and collagen injections done on the lips of a person.

Matching results out of that celebrity cosmetic surgery is possible with the advancement in technology now-a-days. There are celebrities who have gone for a celebrity cosmetic surgery to improve the looks of their nose.

A good example for this is Michael Jackson who has completely changed the looks of his face. He has also changed the skin color.

He is a good example for a celebrity who has undergone multiple celebrity cosmetic surgery. only his surgeon would know what and all he has done to his face since he has completely changed the looks of his face.

There are websites that disclose photos before and after a surgery for these celebrities. If you happen to see these you would be surprised at the looks they had earlier.

Celebrity cosmetic surgery may involve Rhinoplasty, liposuctions, implants in the chin and the cheeks, brow lifts, eyelid lifts, and other tightening surgeries.

It is said the Pamela Anderson has undergone breast augmentation celebrity cosmetic surgery to get the looks she has now. Many celebrity cosmetic surgeries for the breasts are done among the celebrities because it is what they need to be a celebrity.

It is their looks that drag the media attention. Hence a celebrity cosmetic surgery is not new among the celebrities. Celebrity cosmetic surgery for facelift is done my many people.

Apart from such people who have enhanced their looks there are also people who have spoilt their face. The look of Jocelyne Wildenstein is an example for that.

If that is what she has expected out of a celebrity cosmetic surgery then we can’t say that she has spoiled her face. It is the desire of the person that counts in a celebrity cosmetic surgery.

Celebrity cosmetic surgery for facelift is done by many celebrities like Joan Rivers, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Patricia Heaton. Most of them admit that they have done a celebrity cosmetic surgery for face lifts while some do not admit it. Hence celebrity cosmetic surgery is popular among the celebrities and the public.



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