Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

During a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery usually general anesthesia or local anesthesia is given to the patient so that the patient is relaxed during the surgery procedure.


This helps the surgeon to perform the operation in an uninterrupted manner. Mild sedations are also given in some cases orally so that patient is half sleep during the surgery.

This helps to reduce the pain experienced by the patient during the surgical procedure. During a cosmetic surgery there are chances for the nerve to get damaged either due to the surgery itself or due the anesthesia given to the patient.

If the nerve that is damaged controls the muscle then the muscle is paralyzed. There may not be any sensation in that muscle. Usually this is temporary and it comes back to normal within six months.

In some cases the nerve may not return to normal and the patient may have inability to move the muscles permanently. In such cases a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery may be done.

Reconstructive surgery is done to emphasis a particular look or functionality and to bring back the desired look. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is done often if the desired result is not got by a cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation is one another surgery where a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is performed often. After a breast implantation to enhance the looks of the breasts if the looks are not satisfied by the person who has undergone the surgery, the doctor may suggest a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to enhance the looks.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery should be done by the same surgeon who has done the previous cosmetic surgery. To avoid any disappointment in a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery the patient has to discuss the risks and the complications involved in a surgery with the surgeon and then go for the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

After a breast implant there may be formation of scar tissue and sometime deflation might have occurred. An increase or decrease in the sensitivity of the nipple is found.

In such cases a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is performed to correct these problems. With the scar tissue the breast may be tight and hard.

A cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is needed to correct these problems. In some cases of Abdominoplasty there may be bleeding under the skin and blood clots are formed under the skin. To correct such problems a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is needed.



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