Cosmetic reconstructive surgery

The purpose of re-constructive surgery is differing from the cosmetic surgery. However, the re-constructive procedures are having the close relation with the procedures of the cosmetic surgery.


The re-constructive surgery is mostly performed for the correction of abnormal structures of the body, like birth defects, developed abnormalities, trauma or injury, infection, tumors, or disease.

The re-constructive surgery procedures can restore the functions of affected part of the body and it can bring back the natural appearance to that area.

At the same time, the cosmetic surgery use to perform for reshaping the normal structures of the body to improve the appearance and self-esteem of the person.

Increase in age makes increase in problems to the entire part of the body. The main affecting part of the body is face, where the skin will start to wrinkle and sag.

The genetic influences, atmospheric pollution, life style, and exposure to the severe sun light can have the influence on the aging.

The appearance is most important part in this modern world and the people are behind the re-constructive cosmetic surgical procedures to increase or regain the appearance.

The face-lift surgery can bring back the youthful look to the person, who is suffering by the wrinkling and sagging skin at the face.

This procedure involves the removal of excess skin & muscles and the tightening the skin of face and neck. The purpose is to lift up the underlying structures and reshape the skin on the face to give a more youthful and healthy appearance.

The discomfort associated with a facelift surgery is reasonable. Bruising and swelling are expected, however it will resolve within few days.

The other general methods of cosmetic re - constructive surgery are the Blepheroplasty for eyelid enhancement, Rhinoplasty for the nose enrichment and Otoplasty is for the ear re-shaping.



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