Danger of liposuction and its consequence on Post Operative Care

Some degree of risk is always associated with any type of surgeries and liposuction procedure is no exception. However, the risks involved in any liposuction are comparatively less than the risks in any other cosmetic surgeries. In any liposuction procedure body invasion is very minimal when compared to other of cosmetic surgery.


What is the minimum possible danger of liposuction?

There are a few numbers of dangers associated with liposuction. However, the risks that one may encounter during the actual process of liposuction are very less and the danger or risks after the procedure may crop up mainly due to poor post-operative care.

Any ignorance about the after effects of liposuction or failure in strictly following post-operative care may result in secondary infection, scar development, pain, etc. However, the danger of liposuction can be broadly classified as:

1. Trauma or Shock –

Your body will react to the extraction of fat and if the extracted fat is more than the threshold level, then your body will experience a shock that may lead to many other related complications. As such situation is very dangerous one should opt for liposuction procedure over many sittings and not in one go.

2. Development of Scars -

Any liposuction procedure not carried out by experienced surgeons or not adhering to certain precautions may leave ugly scars over the place where liposuction was performed. Hence, it is always preferable to engage an experienced surgeon or dermatologist for carrying out the procedure.

3. Onset of allergy to Lidocaine -

Even after much scientific advancement, it is a pity that doctors could not ascertain the safe level of use of lidocaine in the liposuction procedures. One particular prescribed dosage considered appropriate for a person may not be appropriate to other person or may not appropriate for the same person in an another situation. Presence of large amounts of lidocaine in blood may lead to furious allergies and if any counteractive measures are not applied immediately the situation may even prove to be fatal.

4. Damage to other internal Organs -

There is always a possibility of puncturing some of the vital organs that lie closely to the area of liposuction if the procedure is handled by inexperienced doctors. As any injury to the organ is potentially dangerous, it is always suggested to go for a known and experienced surgeon, especially if the fat that has to be removed is large.

5. Clotting of Blood -

The most common danger of liposuction is occurrence of blood clots. When the liposuction procedure has to be performed for an extended period of time, then the oozing blood may get collected in place and result in blood clots. To avoid such complication of blood clotting, it is better to get the procedure done over many sittings rather than getting it done in one go.

6. Hemodilution -

The rarest danger of liposuction that one could experience is the hemodilution and such condition may be a result of too much of anesthesia administration. Despite its rarity, there are instances of hemodilution and the best way to avoid such problem is to engage an well-experienced surgeon who has many successful liposuction procedure records to his credit.



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