Double Chin Liposuction – A viable alternative to Face Lift Surgery

In earlier days, cosmetic surgeries related to face are only limited to chin tucks or face-lifts. Now such of those corrections can easily and quickly be done with chin liposuction procedures.


Chin liposuction procedures are carried out with local anesthesia and there will not be much blood loss. The trauma of skin and body are also very minimal and well within the tolerable range and the entire procedure is fast and relatively painless.

There are so many advertisements one can see in the internet offering very attractive rates and normally such advertisements will be very showy and come with few toll free lines for information.

Many of such offers may not be authentic and your chin liposuction may not be performed by qualified surgeons; and as such do not get carried away by advertisements posted over the internet.

It is better to check the credentials of any offer or claim and you can seek references, offices and the efficacy details. You should exercise caution if your doctor is too eager or too hesitant and try to read the underlying reasons.

Chin liposuction is the most viable option for any one who would like to get rid of the fat deposits under the jaw line. Through chin liposuction procedure the loose flesh that are hanging can easily be eliminated and you can get back the good looks within a weeks time.

To carry out the chin liposuction, a small incision will be made beneath the jaw line and being small the incision will be hardly visible and without much inconvenience. You can get a significant improvement in your appearance even if the amount of fat removed is very less.

How fast is the Recovery?

The person who undergoes chin liposuction procedure or surgery will be able to return to work immediately on the next day. As chin liposuction is likely to create a distinct and visible effects, it is better you consult a surgeon who specialises in neck and head for getting the chin liposuction performed on you.

If you undergo a procedure by name “weekend neck lift” which is nothing but chin liposuction basically, say on a Friday, you will be in a position to return to work on Monday. In this the procedure is done without the lifting or tucking of other skin and normally two to three days are allowed for the healing process.

This particular procedure is capable of giving small visible result, however, if you are in need of exceptional results, then you may have to take a combined procedure.

The person who undergoes chin liposuction is normally advised to wear an elastic device for a few days so as to speed up the skin tightening process. With advancement in age the skin will tend to loose its elasticity and hence after chin liposuction procedure done on such people there may be a necessity for additional tucking or lifting procedures.

The same is the case for people who have stretched skin as the skin may not have the desired elasticity or might have lost the ability to get tightened using non-surgical means.

As in any other liposuction procedures, insurance companies are not covering chin liposuction procedures and other selective cosmetic procedures. Few clinics come forward to offer interest free installments and many people also go for private funding to meet the costs.

Despite the huge financial obligation, chin liposuction continues to be popular and you can also look for certain tax exemptions after consulting IRS Publication 502 for further information.



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