Liposuction - A means for Physical Wellness

Getting a perfect physical structure and maintaining it is everybody’s dream or expectation. For certain fitness freaks, the aspiration is cent percent of physical fitness and they can never allow extra fat in their bodies and for other casual people it is just getting rid of excess fat and never attach much importance.


Shedding weight through rigorous exercises and regular diet restrictions are not easy for many people and liposuction can prove to be a viable alternative and can come to rescue for such persons.

If you having liposuction in your mind, then try considering the following points for furthering your decision:

Fundamentals of Liposuction

Liposuction aims at surgically removing fat from various areas of your body such as abdomen, breasts, arms, buttocks, knees, thighs, back and other portion where one can accumulate fat.

People who maintain good health and a normal well-balanced weight regime are best suitable for undergoing liposuction.

The Process of Liposuction

Before performing the liposuction, the patient will be administered with local anesthesia in areas where the procedure is to be carried out. Surgeons will make few small incisions for facilitating insertion of steel cannulas and fat will be sucked out using vacuum procedure.

Any normal liposuction procedure will be completed on the same day itself and the patients are advised to wear garments with elasticity over the areas where liposuction was performed.

As a post operative care patients will be prescribed with antibiotics for containing any secondary infection and may be advised to be light in their activities for at least a month or so.

The sutures or stitches will be removed within ten days and the inconveniences or discomforts the patient may experience are minor pain and swelling only.

How much to spend for Liposuction

The Costs of liposuction normally include both surgical and non-surgical fees. While operation costs constitute surgical fees, non-surgical fees include amounts such as pre-operative and post-operative tests, cost of medicines, cost towards staff nurses and other clinical facility costs.

Surgeon normally fix surgical fees based on the area over which the liposuction procedure is to be performed and based on the amount of fat to be removed. Learn to obtain a written down estimate from the doctor and get the individual items explained in detail.

Liposuction being a cosmetic procedure, many insurance companies does not cover such procedures and hence you may even need to explore other financial options for undergoing the procedure.

Deciding to undergo liposuction procedure is entirely a choice of yours and you should have realistic expectations towards the post liposuction efficacies.

It is better to talk to your surgeons before hand and get to know the overall picture. You can opt for liposuction for optimal physical structure of your body and for leading a near normal lifestyle.



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