Liposuction Complication – How to identify and contain them

Liposuction is also categorised as a surgery and hence the chances of acquiring or contracting surgery related complications could not be ruled out. In any surgery complications are tend to rise during and after the surgery, where as such surgery related complications are less in liposuction procedures. However there are certain known instances of complications arising out either solitarily or in combination as follows:


1. One may get a swelling over the area where liposuction procedure was carried out due to fluid and blood collection and such condition can be controlled by using few innovative techniques such as using liposuction garments which are capable of exerting pressure and draining the fluid.

2. There are instances of contracting secondary infection and one should take proper care to avoid such conditions.

3. The person will tend to feel numbness over the area where liposuction was performed and the absence of feeling will be persistent for a week or so. In most of the cases normality will return in two weeks and in case of extended numbness, it is better to contact the doctor for prescriptions.

4. After the surgery is over, few persons may develop lumpiness and this may be due to the reason that certain amount of fat is left in between the tissues. This complication can easily be corrected by wearing a liposuction elastic garment meant for such purpose or even by repeating the procedure for removal of the left over fat.

5. Many people tend to get bruises in skin due to the accumulating blood and other fluids under the skin. You can control this condition by wearing liposuction garments.

Other Unanticipated Complications

A rare and an unanticipated liposuction complication could be the formation of blood clots. Though formation of such clots are uncommon, patients tend to get blood clots if the cannulas are used for a long time for removal of fat or if they are left to remain for a longer time inside the incisions made for the purpose.

Under such situation the blood that ooze out may get collected under the skin and lead to clots.

In an another rare case, one may get their other internal organs getting punctured especially in abdominal and intestinal area due to the improper use of cannulas.

Again, this may not be the case in all liposuction procedures, such possibility is more when an inexperienced doctor handle the procedure.

In a yet another situation of liposuction complication, the patient may be subjected to severe shock or trauma due to removal of large amounts of fat in one single sitting. Hence, it is always preferable to get your liposuction procedure done in many sittings for better risk management and for better results.

Another liposuction complication will arise from the Lidocaine anesthesia used while performing the procedure.

The lidocaine medicine will lead to secondary complications and are known to affect patients’ liver who has a history of consuming alcohol regularly.

So, when you are in the habit of taking alcohol regularly, reveal it to your doctor first so as to enable him to try other alternate anesthetics.



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