Liposuction for Breast Reduction – A Viable Alternative

For centuries, women have regarded their breasts as crowning glory and the breasts have never failed in attracting that flirtatious stare from men. Many men still believe that bigger and better looking breasts can turn their heads instantaneously.


Though it is true that big-sized breasts are head turners, equally from both genders, but how big is the question that needs to be discussed in detail. However, the saying, “the bigger the better” can never hold water now because of so many factors.

The Losing Proposition of Bigger Breasts

It is quite true that women with bigger breasts are not happy and always very conspicuous about that. Bigger breasts have become a pain for the new age woman and such breasts are also known for creating neck pain, back pain besides creating an awkward situation in public places. Bigger breasts also make women to have a slouching posture for obvious reasons.

The associated inconveniences of having bigger breasts are that they are prone to be thrown up and down when women run or tread with long steps, and the situation will make many heads turn towards those women.

When it comes to dressing, such women cannot wear tight fitting clothes or a loose dress because of the extra costs involved. Any wrong dress will certainly attract the attention from men, of course with a hidden intention.

Hence, many women who have inherited bigger breasts always want to get their breasts size reduced through any inexpensive manner so as to do away with the associated inconveniences forever.

Can Liposuction for Breast Reduction be the Answer?

Yes, the liposuction for breast reduction choice is the best and safest choice one could have today. There are no other safe and effective methods available today for reducing the size of the breasts than liposuction for breast reduction.

The only catch or the caution here is that the woman should undergo liposuction for breast reduction when she is still in her twenties for better and effective results.

In any liposuction procedure fat is removed from the body and the skin becomes supple and attain a fairly young look besides getting into the original shape.

The results are best felt or attained when the women are in the age group of less than 40 years. As the age advances, the elasticity of the skin tend to get reduced and hence the liposuction for breast reduction may not have desired results and one may need to take up other cosmetic surgeries such as skin tucking, nipple repositioning or correction, etc.

Hence, liposuction for breast reduction will prove to be very effective only when the patients are young. However, for men they can get liposuction for breast reduction done up to an age of early 50s depending upon their health conditions and the amount of fat to be removed.



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