Relationship between Cellulite and Liposuction

When it comes to referring to the undulating tissues of fat that women get on their bodies the word “cellulite” is often used and mostly in derogatory sense. Because of the bulging looks, the condition is also referred as “cottage cheese”.


Cellulite is highly conspicuous due to the fact that it is gets formed on the fat layer lying closest to the skin. It is nothing but the expanded fat cells with collagen fibers inside and that result in visible wrinkling and stretching of skin.

Collagen fibers more commonly serve the purpose of connective tissue. Out of the three layers of fat in our body, the collagen fibers enclose and surround the fat tissues and to reach the inside portion of the fat, say the inner two layers of fat, one has to cut through the layer of collagen fiber first.

As the developing fat tissues lie deep inside and beneath the collagen fibers, it has become a problem for any liposuction procedure in reaching the fat tissues for suction.

The cellulite condition may or may not improve with liposuction procedure and it is important to bear in mind that cellulite and liposuction can never go hand in hand.

In many cases liposuction has resulted in more worst cellulite conditions than properly curing the situation; and it is better for you to take a well informed decision before going for cellulite and liposuction procedures. Though liposuction is one of the methods for treating cellulite, there are other viable options for dealing with your unwanted cellulite.

Alternate Options

When you look for any viable and effective alternative to cellulite and liposuction, then Endermologie could be the answer. Endermologie is one of the less invasive procedures employed in removing the cellulite and serves as a viable alternative to cellulite and liposuction.

When compared to the highly invasive cellulite and liposuction procedure, Endermologie procedure is less invasive and very convenient for removal of the unwanted fat that are commonly found in legs, hips and buttocks of women.

Endermologie procedure came into being when a French man wanted an effective treatment method for his injuries and in his untiring pursuit he developed a procedure and the same stayed as Endermologie.

In Endermologie vacuum is employed to roll and press the fat that lie beneath the skin and the as the skin gets stretched the underlying fat becomes inconspicuous to the view. The results are only temporary and one may need to under go many sessions on an ongoing basis to maintain favourable results.

As in any other surgeries, Cellulite and liposuction is also not devoid of any associated risks and advantages. You may have to take a well-informed decision before going for the procedure after duly taking into account the risks and benefits involved.

You may also need to consider many other related matters such as costs, effectiveness and possible complications and it is better to get two opinions from two different doctors before you go for cellulite and liposuction procedure.



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