Vaginal cosmetic surgery

Vaginal cosmetic surgery are usually performed to tighten the vaginal muscles or to reduce the size of the labia minora. The tightening of the vaginal muscles are done by the vaginoplasty and the reduction of the size of the labia are done by the labioplasty.


These two are the common vaginal cosmetic surgery that is performed on women.Some of the right candidates for the vaginoplasty are the women who have given birth to a child and who have loose muscles that are due to the delivery of the child.

This kind of treatment is also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation since they are used to tighten the vaginal muscles.Vaginoplasty takes around one hour and is done under general anesthesia.

It takes about a week for the patient to return to work after the surgery. Some restrictions are there after the patient undergoes these vaginal cosmetic surgery.

They should not have sex for about six weeks after the surgery. Tampons and g-strings should not be worn. The patient should not do any cycling for 3 weeks after the surgery.

Infection, scarring, and bleeding are the complications after a vaginal cosmetic surgery like vaginoplasty. This surgery can also be combined with labioplasty.

Labioplasty is a vaginal cosmetic surgery that is used to reduce the vaginal lip usually the labia minora that is found at the entrance to the vagina.

Some women have asymmetrical labia or sometimes an elongated labia, which might cause an embarassment with their partner during sex. Such persons can have a vaginal cosmetic sugery like labioplasty done to reduce the vaginal lip and to make it symmetrical.

People who have oversized and protruding vaginal lips (inner) can also have a labioplasty performed. The protruding part of the lip is removed so that you get an aesthetic look.

The vaginal costmetic surgery like labioplasty is usually performed using an Iris scissors, scalpel, or a laser. The choice of the method depends on the surgeon who is performing the operation.

Labioplasty takes about 20 minutes. As with the vaginal cosmetic surgery like vaginoplasty the patient should not have sex for around 6 weeks and they should avoiding any tight fit wears and g-strings.

Riding or cycling is not allowed for 3 weeks from the date of surgery. You should restrain from this for atleast 3 weeks. The complications of labioplasty are the same as that of the vaginoplasty.

Just like the other cosmetic surgery you have to consult your insurer to check whether the cost of these surgeries are covered in the health plan.



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