Who can undergo A Tummy Tuck Liposuction?

Liposuction is the suitable procedure for busy people who has no spare time and who are young, healthy and maintain a good skin tone. However, for obese people and for people who are overweight, tummy tuck liposuction procedure could be the best answer and in this procedure after the fat is removed the doctor will remove the excess skin to control any hanging.


When you think of getting tummy tuck liposuction done on you, you must be extremely careful and weigh all the associated risks and complications related to the procedure. This particular procedure is known for its higher degree of risks, excess bleeding, post-surgery recovery complications, and anesthesia related complications.

If your prime idea is to shed few litres of fat from your abdominal area or just need a tone up, then you are not the right candidate for tummy tuck liposuction. You can get all your expectations fulfilled with the assistance of less invasive procedures.

The tummy tuck is also popularly known as abdominoplasty, and this procedure can reduce the patient’s size to a greater extent and also helps in toning up the body.

The procedure is well suited for patients who are found to be unsuitable for other common liposuction procedures for obvious reasons.

The time involved for a complete tummy tuck liposuction procedure is some where between two to five hours. Due to high invasive nature of the procedure, the patient may experience severe pain and may be required to stay in hospital for several days for better post-surgery care and management.

Any person who is above the age of 18, who is not highly obese, who is not over weight, who do not have much fat to be removed from tummy area, who is maintaining a good general health, and who has a realistic expectations could well fit in as an ideal candidate for the tummy tuck liposuction.

In case your expectations are more than what the liposuction could offer, it is better to discuss the matter with your doctor in advance for a better alternative procedure.

Can any one just rest with a Tummy Tuck alone?

People who have got acute weight concerns, tummy tuck liposuction alone cannot be the answer and such persons should discuss with doctors for other effective procedures.

When tummy tuck procedure is done, there may be heavy scars and one may not able to get back the original skin condition in relation to its elasticity. You can discuss such shortcomings with your doctor and seek alternative corrective methods for better results.

A study carried out some 7 to 8 years back showed that a tummy tuck liposuction procedure may cost around $4,200 at the hands of the patient and this can vary in various places. However, this estimated cost does not cover costs towards clinic costs, cost towards medicine and anesthesia, cost towards pre and post-surgery tests, and other related costs.

In an overall situation the cost towards tummy tuck liposuction is slightly prohibitive and as the insurance companies also refuse to cover such expenditure, you should have very valid reasons for taking up a tummy tuck liposuction procedure, and it is not preferable to go for such huge expenditure only for cosmetic needs.

Though few insurance companies does cover huge expenses towards a tummy tuck liposuction, there is a possibility of you losing on other benefits or you may end up paying a higher premiums even for any other normal coverage.



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