About Laser Varicose Vein Removal Treatment

Laser varicose vein removal has gained popularity and includes the latest technologies and it makes use of very thin beams of light that lessen the varicose veins. Such a treatment has gained so much popularity because it is a noninvasive procedure where the patient does not tolerate any pain and there is no need of hospitalization or general anesthesia.



The ideal patient for the laser varicose vein removal treatment would be someone who wants to remove the varicose veins, is a non-smoker, is healthy, and is psychologically very strong. Patients who tend to develop keloid scars are not appropriate for laser varicose vein removal treatment.

The laser varicose vein removal treatment is not a time consuming procedure and is noninvasive, which is safe and effective when it comes to the removal of all the varicose veins. Lasers are very accurate and this is the best part of the laser varicose vein removal procedure, and this will not develop blisters so you need not worry about that.

The laser varicose vein removal procedure also referred to as endovenous ablation therapy removes all the varicose veins that are also settled inside the skin. The doctors who conduct this laser energy where the varicose veins are loculated use tiny tubes, mostly after the area is anesthetized. Such laser energy causes the varicose veins to disappear and forces the blood to flow through healthier veins that improve the appearance.

After the varicose vein removal procedure is done the recovery will depend on each individual although most of the time, the recovery is fast. Another alternative to varicose vein removal is surgery, which is good at removing varicose veins and that sues a procedure called endoscopy surgery.

The positive side of the laser varicose vein removal procedure is that post the procedure the varicose veins disappear completely.



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