Recovery from gall bladder surgery

The quick way to recovery from gall bladder surgery is to have proper diet after the surgery. Whether you are in the hospital or at home, you have to take the diet that will keep you normal and lessens the burden on the digestive system.



For speedy recovery from gall bladder surgery the patient is monitored for hours after the surgery has been performed on the patient.

It is found that constipation is one problem that commonly occurs after a gall bladder surgery. Hence recovery from gall bladder surgery also includes recovery from constipation.

Consult your doctor for treating the constipation in you after the surgery.Having proper diet is an important factor for recovery from gall bladder surgery.

Foods that contain high fats should be avoided for faster recovery from gall bladder surgery. High fat foods place more burdens on the digestive system.

To digest these high fat foods the digestive system requires more bile content. Since the gall bladder is operated it cannot supply the required bile content.

After the surgery the system releases constant level of bile whereas for digesting high fat foods the digestive system requires more bile than the normal level.

Avoiding such foods would expedite your recovery from gall bladder surgery. During the initial days only liquid foods are recommended, particularly on the day of the operation.

It is because the liquid foods do not load the digestive system more. Some patients may experience nausea if liquid foods are taken. Recovery from gall bladder surgery is faster if you have opted for a laproscopic gall bladder surgery.

Only one or two days of hospitalization are required for laproscopic method of gall bladder removal. In the conventional methods of surgery the recovery from gall bladder surgery takes 6 to 8 weeks.

More number of days of hospitalization is required in case of conventional gall bladder surgery. This causes more discomfort for the patient who has undergone the surgery.

Gas pain caused in the abdomen is also found in some patients. This is due to the residual carbon dioxide moving inside the body. Loose stools are an outcome of the gall bladder removal surgery.

Exercises like stretching would put pressure on the abdominal muscles in your body. Hence such exercises should be avoided during recovery period from gall bladder surgery.


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