Cosmetic surgery nose

A cosmetic surgery for nose is performed to reshape the nose or to balance the size of the nose so that the nose is proper shape as with the other parts of the face.


Increasing or reducing the size of the nose is done using a cosmetic surgery for nose.Removing hump is common in a nose surgery.

The tip of the nose or the bridge of the nose can also be altered. The spans of the nostrils are also altered in this cosmetic surgery for nose. A nose surgery is also called the Rhinoplasty.

People with some breathing problems are also recommended to go for Rhinoplasty. This is not only used for cosmetic purposes. Functional problems of the nose are also sorted out by a cosmetic surgery for nose.

Deformities in the nose which can be by birth are also corrected using a Rhinoplasty. Specialists in this area are to be consulted for a cosmetic surgery for nose.

As with the looks of the nose the function of breathing is also equally important. A small change in the nose may change the entire look of the person. Hence more and more people are coming for cosmetic surgery in a nose.

This also improves the relations with other people apart from improving your confidence. The ethic background is also considered by the surgeon among other considerations like the type of skin and age.

Older people are the right candidates for a nose surgery. Younger people are not recommended to go for a surgery unless there is some functional problem in the nose.

The risks involved in a cosmetic surgery for nose should be discussed with the doctor before a patient goes for a nose surgery. The bone and the cartilage are rearranged by the surgeon in a cosmetic surgery for nose to give the person a different look.

Stuffy nose due to bent septum can be corrected through a surgery for nose.Correcting the septum like this is called the septoplasty. Combining septoplasty and Rhinoplasty is called a septorhinoplasty.

If you happen to get an injury as a result of which your nose is bent, the doctor will ask you to wait for 2 or 3 days so that the swelling subsides and allows evaluating the nose for a surgery.

Corrective nasal surgery is required for such cases.Some of the risks of a cosmetic surgery for nose are infections and blood vessel bursts.

The improvement due to a surgery may not be complete and it may require another surgery to do a correction to the nose. As with other surgeries local or general anesthesia is given before surgery.



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