An Informative Guide About Liposuction

Technological revolution and advancement have not only brought great advantages to humanity but the great burden of body fat and obesity. The computer age and boom has resulted in the absence of physical activity and sedentary habits. Tasty fast foods in vogue have converted one person in three Americans in to obese or fat person.



An Alternate To Natural Weight Reduction Techniques
Exercise and diet control is the best for loss of weight but it is slow and unrewarding where as liposuction promises overnight results.

This is a great answer and solution to the resistant cellulite cells not affected by diet and exercise regimen. If your choice is liposuction and not the natural process to reduce your weight, you should know the different techniques adopted to decide on what suits you the best before you undergo surgery.

Liposuction And The Surgery Types

Of the many techniques the first one is the fluid infection liposuction involving the injection of a mixture of fluids (anesthesia, saline water and adrenaline to stop bleeding) under the skin at the place of surgery. Dissolving and dislodging fat is brought out through a hollow canula inserted under the skin for the purpose.

Injury and pain are, avoided and controlled by the injected fluid respectively.Tumescent liposuction is another technique where the whole anesthetic is injected through the liquid to reach the under skin area. As a result there is swelling and the fat is broken and the skin becomes tumescent.

It works faster and more fat can be removed from under the skin. The risks are the same as in the injection liposuction method.
At present, modern technology has brought the exceedingly easy and accurate laser and ultrasonic rays to destroy the fat cells under the skin as never before. Despite the risk involved this is worth the trouble s it is highly successful.

In the wet liposuction method the same medical liquid mixture is injected under the skin. But the amount of liquid used should be equal to the weight of fat seen. This is the least risky of all the methods and needs general anesthesia for the patient.




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