Facial Liposuction – Best remedy for your Chubby Face

Any one in this world would always like to project a good look and as everyone knows the fist impression is the best impression and that lingers long in one’s mind.


When it comes to having good looks, the face plays a vital role and everyone may not be interested to show their chubby face. Facial liposuction can help you get rid of your chubby face and regain your confidence level and self esteem.

Facial liposuction is the most commonly performed liposuction procedure, get done by both men and women, as fat from few areas of one’s face cannot be removed through exercises or through diet restrictions.

Hence, facial liposuction is the only other viable alternative for removal of fat from areas of chins, jaw lines, cheeks and neck portion.

What does the word Liposuction means to you?

Facial liposuction is a procedure by which unwanted fat accumulation or deposits from your facial areas are removed. In the very beginning Liposuction was used for removal of fat portions from stomach and buttock areas only so as to have a desired body shape.

But now due to advancement in various techniques, facial liposuction has become possible for removal of fat from one’s face also.

Facial liposuction is generally carried out solitarily in younger people, but for older people who may lack in skin elasticity may need facial liposuction performed in combination with other surgical procedures for correcting the sagging skin.

To have a better effect, such additional face lift or eyebrow lift procedures may have to be carried out for older people.

Who can undergo Facial Liposuction?

Any person from both genders can undergo facial liposuction for getting rid of their excess fat from their face areas. The person who wants to take up facial liposuction should maintain good health and a good level of skin elasticity.

Though a good skin elasticity is recommended, the same is not necessary now, as there are many other procedures available today for correcting the skin elasticity problem.

The person who aspires for a facial liposuction procedure should have a realistic expectation regarding the end result after a facial liposuction and you can discuss all these details with your doctor.

After any successful facial liposuction there will not be any fat accumulation any more for the reason that after puberty, our body will stop producing new fat cells.

The chubby face or accumulation of fat in few areas of your face is due to the expansion of the existing fat cells and once these fat cells are removed through facial liposuction, you will tend to retain the same “face value” and hence for majority of the people only one session of a facial liposuction in necessary.

Recovery aspects involved in facial liposuction

The excess fat will be removed through one or two strategically placed small holes in your face. As cannulas are used to suck out the fat through these holes, only small stitches will be made to close these holes for healing.

Once the procedure is over, you will be asked to wear dressings with some elastic property over the area of operation for two weeks during sleep time.

To ease out the inconvenience, a mild painkiller such as Tylenol may be advocated after the procedure and you may also be treated with cold packs for containing the swelling.

After facial liposuction majority of the people can return to their regular schedules with in a period of three to four days and not more than a week in extreme cases.



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