Popularity of Male Liposuction in the World of Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction is the most sought after cosmetic procedure that can facilitate fat removal in a very short time. Is it not wonderful to know that you need to spend only 2 to 3 hours for getting rid of around 6 to 7 litres of fat through liposuction procedure?


Liposuction is also very useful in ascertaining the pre-surgery requirements in cases of gastric band or stomach stapling. But, majority of liposuction procedures is done only for cosmetic purposes, as the associated risks are very less with little inconvenience.

Many women prefer to take up liposuction for removal of fat from areas such as abdomen, face, neck, and thigh areas. On the other hand, Male liposuction is performed mainly for removal of fat from back and from abdomen only.

Because of the safety feature and inexpensive nature, liposuction has become a very popular cosmetic procedure preferred by people of all age groups and from all walks of life.

Male Liposuction in aid of Breast Reduction in Males

Male liposuction makes its presence in one more area of breast reduction in males. Though it is not popular in women, it has become a regularly opted procedure amongst males for getting rid of the unwanted bulge over their chests. Males tend to develop breasts mainly due to accumulation of fat under their chest skin as their age advances.

The male liposuction is the best and convenient way for getting the fat removed from breast and to look good again. One can have a very good recovery from the surgery and the chances of one getting back the fat also remote making the male liposuction done for breast reduction a permanent one.

Breast reduction is one of uses where male liposuction is carried out and there are many more other areas where the procedure can effectively be applied.

Influence of Age factor in Liposuction

Contrary to the old belief of liposuction surgery meant for people of young age or middle age, today it is well established that liposuction cosmetic surgery can be successfully done on people of all ages and without any restriction of gender.

The only catch is that when you are young, the recovery is fast and without any complications as the skin elasticity of younger people will be at its peak level. However, with advancement of age, the skin will loose certain of its elasticity and one may need additional surgical correction for retaining the original skin condition.

The average age of both men and women who go for liposuction procedure has been estimated to be 40 years, may be due to the reason that only in such an age they feel the need for getting back their body’s original shape and structure.

However, if the liposuction is done on people in the age group f 30 to 35 years of age, one can get very best results without the need for any additional surgical procedures. With advancement in age, one may in need a combination of techniques or procedures to correct the condition that age has withered in its course.

Male liposuction is an option for maintaining or restoring the cosmetic aesthetics more than the health option. In one of the recent research findings, it was concluded that obese people and people who are overweight are prone to liver and heart diseases and hence, male liposuction can effectively be applied for those people for reduction of weight and enjoy the resultant advantages.



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