Large Volume Liposuction – A detailed Analysis

With the advent of more scientific techniques in the fields of liposuction, large volume liposuction has become a reality now. The real process of large volume liposuction is aimed at removing larger quantity of fat with minimum risks and minimum blood loss.


In traditional liposuction procedures only smaller quantity of fat is removed, where as in large volume liposuction a greater volume of fat is removed which warrants a different kind of physiological process. All the newly found procedures were fine tuned in the last twenty years and besides the regular liposuction procedure now you also have the popular and readily available large volume liposuction.

A large volume liposuction doesn’t actually encompass any standard definition, but a large volume liposuction in general means that the procedure aims in removing around 5 litres of total volume of fat.

With an increasing number of people opting for cosmetic surgeries including the large volume liposuction procedure, many inexperienced doctors also started to try their hands in large volume liposuction with drastic results.

Many inexperienced doctors in their selfish motive to make money quickly try out large volume liposuction on patients and expose the patients to increased complications including the threatening fatal cases.

Large volume liposuction means large money

In the very big business of cosmetic surgery, many of the vital points are ignored. For example, as large volume liposuction may not be suitable for all people, this particular point is not made clear to the aspiring patients and the procedure is carried out resulting in more complications.

Before going for any large volume liposuction, the patients should be very realistic in their expectations and the same should be discussed with the doctor threadbare well in advance. The large volume liposuction should not be considered for shedding the excess weight, but should be treated as a body-shaping tool.

The difference between general liposuction procedure and large volume liposuction should invariably be studied and understood well before one can opt for any such procedure. The inherent ideas should be learned first, appreciated and never to be abused so as to avoid landing into any unanticipated complications later.

For example, in liposuction procedure, there will be more fluid collection and the patient should be maintained in a state of well balanced body temperature so as to avoid the life threatening hypothermia complication.

One should not consider large volume liposuction for treating obesity, as such procedure only aims at removing fat accumulations and helps the patient to project a positive outlook and to lead a near normal lifestyle. Generally, fat accumulations are not removed from all over the body and in large volume liposuction only few areas of the body is selected, say three or four areas and larger quantities of fat is removed from the selected areas.

Today, patients have a wide variety of choices under liposuction procedures and with such variety one can have a desired level of life style. You also should pay heed to the different safety and health concerns and learn to choose the correct procedure.



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