Exploring Liposuction Alternative for Effective Results

Though liposuction is the safest procedure amongst the cosmetic surgeries, liposuction is still considered and viewed as surgery. Hence, people are wary about the associated risks and other contradictions.


Many enthusiastic researchers from medical world were on the lookout for a better liposuction alternative that can offer better and effective results that are devoid of any associated complications.

Fortunately, the untiring efforts put forth by all these researchers have given us few new know-how and techniques that can rightly be termed as liposuction alternative.

Such type of liposuction alternative is normally advocated for people who want to avoid the invasive type of surgeries and is best suited for people who are allergic to anesthesia. The new procedure can also be used for reconstruction of what the liposuction has removed such as bruises and lumpiness.

Overview of the available Alternatives:

1. Creams –

You can have a wide variety of such creams in the market that are capable of melting the fat beneath the skin and smoothen the skin successfully. The creams are meant for topical application and are best suited for acting on the fat lying beneath the skin. However, the cream is put to use mostly for treating cellulite.

2. Lyposculpture –

In any liposuction procedure, fat is first subjected to expansion through administered fluids and then the fat is removed through vacuum, where as in lyposculpture through a very sophisticated technique fat will be removed using miniature instruments there by reducing the pain and swelling. Lyposculpture is one of the modern and scientific approaches and one may have to shell out around $5000 for trying out the procedure.

3. Lipoliquidation –

This is a yet another latest technique applied in fat removal. Under this method a certain solution or medicine is injected into the fat layers and such medicine will trigger the body’s own natural mechanism for fat removal.

Though the procedure is known to be slower than any other techniques, the same is regarded as the safest and most effective in removal of the unwanted fat.

4. Homotoxicological injections –

Under this method, homeopathic preparations are used for activating and triggering the body’s own natural mechanism of fat removal. The homeopathic solution used will make your body in getting rid of the unwanted fat through the lymphatic system.

5. Three medicine cocktail –

As the name suggests, a combination of three types of medicines are used and they are injected into the body system at three stages.

The first stage will take care of destroying or breaking the fat tissues, the second medicine or the stage will assist the body to discard the cholesterol and in the final stage the body will flush out the fat through the urinary system.

One should wait for at least three months to see a visible change and this procedure seems to be very effective for people who are not interested in undergoing surgeries.

When it comes to alternative methods to the existing liposuction, all the methods of liposuction alternative mentioned above are good.

Few doctors have also started trying out a combination of such alternatives with promising results. One can think of such alternative methods for safe removal of fat without any surgical intervention.


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