Few valid reasons why you should choose Tumescent Liposuction

Today in the medical world there are so many cosmetic surgeries and amongst them liposuction is the safest and most sought after procedure.


The valid reasons for any liposuction to be popular are its safety, simplicity, faster recovery aspects and the cost effectiveness.

Again within the wide range of various liposuction procedures, there are many techniques involved and let us discuss about one such popular liposuction procedure namely tumescent liposuction.

What is Tumescent Liposuction?

Out of the various types and techniques available for carrying out liposuction procedures, tumescent liposuction is one that is very popular and very effective. This procedure is one of the recently developed procedures in liposuction arena and is regarded as vivid and safe method.

The word tumescent means bulge or swollen and hence the procedure is aptly called as tumescent liposuction. In the tumescent liposuction procedure the doctor will first administer a local anesthesia in the area from where the fat has to be removed.

The administered medicine will dislodge the fat and make it swell in size thus making the area tumescent meaning bulging or swollen.

Once the fat gets dislodged, the surgeon will draw or suck the fat out through fine steel cannula and the process of fat removal will be done in slow, steady and continuous manner.

The fat removal is easy and fast in this method and hence more and more people have started opting for such procedure than any other available methods.

Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction

Any person who is otherwise fit for any liposuction is also fit for undergoing tumescent liposuction. The various benefits of tumescent liposuction over the traditional procedures are:

• The resultant post-surgery swelling and bruises are at its lowest levels and in few favourable cases they are even absent. Further the patient will not suffer from great pain.

• There will be less bleeding that will eliminate the need for blood transfusion totally. Further due to less bleeding the patient will not undergo any trauma or shock.

• This procedure is very suitable for removal of large amount of fat from large body areas and hence highly suitable for people who need quick results and have less time to spare.

• Requirement of anesthesia is also very less which in turn reduces the post-operative complications. The procedure can also be done with local anesthesia and this comes as a boon for people who are allergic to general anesthesia,

• The success percentage is very high and this procedure is best suited for fat removal from areas such as ankles, back, upper arms, face, neck, and from back portion of legs.

Common associated Risks of the Tumescent Liposuction

Though this procedure is devoid of any major risks, tumescent liposuction does have few surgery-related risks. Due to the administration of anesthesia, the patient might develop pulmonary edema, which is nothing but the collection of anesthetic fluids and other fluid in lungs that may make breathing difficult.

However, this condition can easily be controlled with medication. Such occurrence could totally be avoided if you can engage an experienced surgeon who knows better regarding the quantum of anesthesia that can be administered to a patient.

The other small complications may be bruises and swelling and the same can easily be controlled through proper medical care and such minor discomforts need not bother you at all.



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