What Do You Know About the Common Liposuction Procedure?

One of the popular cosmetic surgeries performed today is liposuction surgery and many younger women also started taking up such surgeries for maintaining better looks. Despite its popularity,


Many people are still not aware of things involved in any liposuction procedure, the related risks that one may get exposed to in a liposuction procedure and the precautionary measures that has to be taken for preventing the risks.

When you think of liposuction procedure, a swarm of questions will pass through your mind and let us see few of them in detail here.

How is the Liposuction Procedure is performed?

The cosmetic liposuction procedure involves removal of fat from certain body areas such as neck, abdomen, face, upper arms, breasts, and buttocks. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and in few exceptional cases under general anesthesia also.

Initially, few small incisions will be made in the skin area where the liposuction procedure is to be carried out. Then using a tiny steel cannula inserted through the tiny incisions fat will be sucked out using vacuum. The anesthetic medicine administered will also facilitate expansion of fat cells for easy extraction.

Few useful Tips for faster Healing

After the liposuction procedure, the skin condition will be back to normal within a time frame of few days to few weeks depending upon the extent of fat removed. However, there are few post-surgery cares that have to be undertaken for better healing and avoiding complications.

• Never get up and walk once the effects of anesthesia subside. Generally the patient will be allowed to walk within few hours of the liposuction procedure and you can even walk back to your home of course, not before the initial rest period of few hours.

When the fat removal is in large quantity, then the patient will be asked to stay overnight for observation for the reason that patient may undergo a severe shock due to the loss of enormous fat from the body. The patient’s condition will be monitored overnight for avoiding any post-operative complications.

• Using liposuction garments that have elasticity properties will assist in faster healing, as such garments will facilitate faster and proper fluid drainage. The garment is also known for its ability to restore the skin condition to its original level in a very short time.

• You should avoid exercises and avoid lifting heavy weights in your post-operative recuperative period. Under any normal situation, you will be able to recover or recuperate fully within a period of 2 weeks to 2 months depending upon the extent of fat removed through the procedure.

Liposuction procedure is one of the best known cosmetic surgeries for its efficacy and safety aspects. Though the associated risks such as blood clots, bruising, and numbness is less, the same can easily be managed with proper post-surgery care.



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