Is Laser Liposuction the Right Choice?

Laser Liposuction was first invented in Europe and it is also known as assisted liposuction. The laser assisted enhancement was attempted over the existing liposuction procedure for reduction of pain, swelling and for an overall improvement in success rates.


What do you understand by liposuction?

The procedure involved in removing the unwanted fat from selected body areas through small incisions made is known as liposuction. In liposuction the fat is removed using small cannulas or tubes inserted into the body through small incisions made for the purpose and the fat will be removed using vacuum.

How laser liposuction works

In laser liposuction method, a low energy level laser beam is directed over the area from where the fat is to be removed, and the laser beam will penetrate the skin and into the fat cells duly weakening the membrane of the fat cells. In the process the fat portion held inside the fat cells ooze out.

Then such fat will be sucked out using small surgical cannulas inserted through tiny incisions made for the purpose. The suction part is similar to any other conventional liposuction procedure and the fat is removed through small incision made.

Once the removal is over, the low level laser energy is used for better pain management and finally used again for controlling post-operative inflammation and swelling.

Use of laser energy has proved to reduce the post-operative complications dramatically and the patient can have a high degree of comfort after the operation is performed.

Under normal circumstances, the patient can leave for home the same day and the patient may need to come back next day only for post operative care follow-up and for pain management.

Where it can be used effectively?

The laser liposuction procedure is normally used for removal of fat from areas such as abdomen, thighs, hips, and even from knees in case of women. In case of men, laser liposuction is performed to remove fat from areas of abdomen, arms, neck, and for correcting the enlarged breasts.

In one of the recent innovations, laser liposuction is also effectively applied for removal of sweat glands from armpit area for controlling sweating and the same can be done with great accuracy and with less danger.

The known benefits of laser liposuction

When you compare the benefits of laser liposuction over the other two conventional tumescent and ultrasonic-assisted procedures, laser liposuction is far better in giving better comfort levels to the patients.

The recovery time is also greatly reduced in laser liposuction. Besides greater comfort levels and reduced recovery time, laser liposuction also reduces bruises and swelling to a greater extent.

The next greatest advantage of laser-assisted liposuction is the reduction in dependence on painkiller medicines after the operation is over.

Further, the time taken in laser liposuction is lesser and the patient’s exposure to medication is restricted only to the local anesthesia and a small dose of sedatives and this makes laser liposuction far better than any other conventional liposuction procedures.

In an unlikely case of requirement by the patient, even the removed fat can be utilised for impregnating into the required area (such as lips) that may lack in fat or in areas where more fat can enhance the looks or for cosmetic needs. Patients who undergo laser liposuction are needed to take only a few days for returning to their normal lifestyle.



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