Know how to choose the correct Liposuction Doctor

Liposuction is in fact a simple process in which fat is removed from under the skin through tiny cannula inserted into the small incisions made for the purpose. The fat removal is also made easy and painless by using vacuum procedure.


However, if the procedure is not handled by experienced doctors then there may be a chance of you getting complications as a high level of expertise and patience are required while removing the fat. Hence, here comes the choice of correct liposuction doctor for best results.

Success rate of Liposuction

You can perceive the liposuction procedure as simply the best method for fat removal and one can get rid of the unwanted fat within few hours and be ready to carry out your regular routine the next day.

Though this is possible in an ideal situation, there are underlying associated risks in any liposuction procedures. The factors that can decide the success or failures are:

The major portion of the success of the liposuction lies in choosing the correct doctor. Consider the real case of a middle-aged woman who had gone for liposuction procedure.

The 35 year aged women has had around 10 litres of fat to be removed from her abdominal area and from her thigh areas. As per the wish of the woman, the excess fat was removed in less than two hours and all of the sudden the patient fell into a state of trauma or deep shock due to certain injuries accidentally made in her abdomen.

A team of doctors intervened and performed an emergency surgery to correct the damage and with great difficulty the patient’s life was saved. Yes, such unanticipated thing can also happen and hence it is necessary to choose the right liposuction doctor for your fat removal.

Hence, it is an established fact that any success in liposuction procedure lies directly on the experience of the liposuction doctor. The important role played by liposuction doctor doesn’t stop with the procedure alone, but extends to pre and post-operative care also. Before a person could be operated, doctors normally subject the patient to various tests and decide the suitability of the patient and the techniques to be applied.

How to decide on the correct and efficient doctor?

Before making your decision, seek and get references form other patients who have undergone liposuction procedures. Select your liposuction doctor based on the feedback and the references received.

Then make a check to confirm the credentials of the doctor and ascertain whether he/she is in the liposuction job for quite a long time. In case of need, you can even meet the doctor and convey your fears and reservations.

A good and friendly doctor will be able to guide you properly and try to allay all your fears. Take a second opinion from other doctor or from other person who have already undergone the procedure from the same doctor.

Once you have chosen the right liposuction doctor, you can rest assured that the liposuction procedure can turn to be a very successful one.



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