Factors Influencing Liposuction Recovery Time

The success of liposuction procedure depends on many factors and liposuction recovery time is one amongst them. Further, when it comes to liposuction recovery time, again there are many factors such as age of the patient, medicinal prescriptions for pre and post-surgery period, and even the medical condition of the patient that can influence the recovery time to a greater extent both positively and negatively.


Fundamentals of Liposuction

The process of liposuction aims at removal of fat from body areas with least risks and inconvenience. Liposuction procedures are simple and may take only half an hour in certain cases.

The fat underlying the skin from various body areas such as abdomen, breasts, thighs, and even face are removed after making few small incisions and the fat is removed using cannulas with vacuum. These cannulas are first inserted into the tiny incisions made for the purpose and using vacuum the fat will be sucked out.

The incisions are so strategically made so as to avoid them from being seen under normal circumstances for aesthetic appeal. To make the removal process easier, anesthetics and other medicines will be injected into the area where liposuction procedure is done. Liposuction is considered to be very less invasive procedure and hence the related complications and discomforts are also less.

Associated Risks

The first and foremost important aspect that one should consider in any liposuction procedure is the selection of proper surgeon, failure of which one may land in a host of complications. The very success of liposuction depends upon the experience of the surgeon performing it.

Further, the amount of fat that has to be removed also decides the vulnerability of the patient to the associated risks. After the fat is removed, the patient will be asked to wear a liposuction garment with elasticity property for enabling a quicker draining of fluids and for faster healing process.

In the event of the patient ignoring any of the prescribed suggestions, then the liposuction recovery time is bound to increase with added complications. The liposuction recovery time usually extends up to a period of 7 to 10 days under normal circumstances and if the fat for removal is more, then the patient may be required to stay in hospital for a day for observations.

Under normal circumstances, the patient after the liposuction procedure can walk within few hours of the procedure. Only in case of unanticipated infections and blood clotting, the patients may be asked to stay in hospital for a week or so.

Liposuction, an easy and convenient choice

Out of all the available cosmetic surgery procedures, liposuction is the best suited for people of all ages because of the easiness and relatively risk-less procedure. However, it is better you know and understand all the underlying facts including.

The possible risks involved so as to decide a suitable technique and the proper pre and post-surgery care. The liposuction recovery time is also greatly depends on such calculated, well thought and planned procedure selection.



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