Usage of Liposuction Garment in Post-Surgery recovery

One of the very popular cosmetic procedures undertaken is the liposuction and in this innovative procedure the unwanted fat lying under the skin will be removed through vacuum process using small steel cannulas inserted through the tiny incisions made for the purpose.


The liposuction process can be applied for removal of fat from various areas of body such as abdomen, backside, thighs, breasts, and even from chin area.

Once the fat removal process is over, the incisions made for the purpose will be left as such for facilitating fluid and blood draining. This is one of the processes evolved for controlling the edema effectively.

The area over which the fat removal process was undertaken will be covered or dressed with liposuction garment which are nothing but the absorptive pads that can absorb the oozing fluids.

In case of liposuction performed over the neck and face area of a person, then liposuction garment needs to be worn by the patient for at least a day and a half after the operation is over. However, depending upon the area of operation you may have to wear the liposuction garment for an extended period also.

The necessity for the Liposuction Garment

Up to the last decade, usage of any liposuction garment was recommended even for an extended period of 2-6 weeks. However, today due to advancement of technology in many areas, usage of liposuction garment has come down drastically and one need to wear them only for a day or two until the fluid drainage is over.

The liposuction garment aids in containing the post-surgery swelling and for draining out the fluid collection there by facilitating fast and uniform healing. The garment comes with moderate to high elasticity properties that help in successful draining of fluids from the operated areas.

The elasticity property will exert pressure over the operated area and helps in draining of fluids and the excess anesthetic medicines for proper healing.

Alternate ways for Quick Fluid Draining

Besides the existing liposuction garment, there are other ways for draining the fluid quickly from the affected area and one such way is making few tiny holes of 1.5 millimeter in size around the operated area for effecting fluid oozing.

The second method adopted is using of HK pads, which facilitate quick and effective draining of fluids when placed over the sutured areas. The third one, which is commonly followed allow the incisions made as such and facilitate the fluid to ooze out through the open holes.

In any liposuction procedure rapid drainage of fluid is always recommended for faster healing, for better pain management and also for avoiding formation of bruises over the operated skin areas.

The liposuction garment is widely accepted as the best dressing for post liposuction surgery as the same facilitates faster draining of fluids through its elasticity property. The liposuction garment also facilitates the skin to retain its original shape, contain the swelling and extends a very soothing comfort to the patient.



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