What is the Affordability of Average Cost of Liposuction?

It is not easy to ascertain the affordability of the average cost of liposuction due to involvement of a number of factors. In any liposuction procedure, the cost will vary depending upon the region selected for operation,


The type of procedure opted, the age of the patient and of course the doctor or surgeon who will carry out the operation; and all these factors will have its own level of influence over the average cost of liposuction.

The actual costs involved may vary by $1000 to $1500 either upwards or downwards depending upon the above-mentioned factors and in an overall situation, one could get the liposuction procedure done for an approximate amount of $1500 to $5000.

Influencing Factors that decide the Average Cost of Liposuction

There are many factors that can influence and decide the average cost for liposuction, and you may make use of the indicative list for correctly arriving at the possible cost of the liposuction procedure.

However, please bear in mind that the itemised list is of only indicative in nature and there is always a possibility of unforeseen circumstances that may cost you little more.

1. Total quantity of fat to be removed: The surgery is performed based on the need for removal of fat from the body. The time involved in removing the fat is also dependent on the amount of fat to be removed. Besides this, the technique that would be employed in liposuction will also influence the cost, so bear all these things in your mind to arrive at the total costs.

2. Gender: You may not be aware that the fat in women is quite different from that of the fat in men. The fat present in women is quite slack in nature where as the same is fibrous and firm in men. Hence any removal of fat in men involves more time and proves to be expensive when compared to women.

3. Type of Anesthetics used: The liposuction cost varies widely based on the types of anesthesia administered. If you are in need of general anesthesia in the place of local anesthesia for various obvious reasons, then the total cost may be on higher side.

4. Target area of the body selected for treatment: If you want to get rid of the unwanted fat from more areas of your body, then the time involved will be more and you may have to shell out more money due to the complications involved in multiple liposuction procedures with different methods.

5. Prescribed or Opted Method of liposuction: You may be aware that there are various cost effective and expensive methods of liposuction procedures and depending upon the method chosen by you or advocated by doctors, the cost will vary. So strike a balance between these two after holding discussion with your doctor and arrive at the most effective and cost efficient method.

6. Location of the hospital where liposuction is performed: The medical facilities that are located in bigger cities or metros will naturally be costly and where as the hospitals located in sub-urban localities may charge less for the same type of liposuction procedures.

7. Unforeseen and other miscellaneous expenses: You may have to make some extra provision towards any unforeseen expenses that might creep in unknowingly.

For example, the travel cost, cost for food and accommodation might have escaped your mind and even the tips that you may give to the attendants might work out to few hundred dollars.



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