Face Liposuction – The Easy way to Defy Age

Liposuction is regarded as one of the best methods of cosmetic surgery. Liposuction is best known for its safe and comparative inexpensive nature with less or no recovery period. When women undergo face liposuction they are able get good results as liposuction can bring back the youthful looks on the face of the women and hence face liposuction continue to be a hot favourite among women.


What do you understand by Face Liposuction?

The word face liposuction doesn’t actually throw much light on the subject. The only meaning that it can convey is that it is done on face for betterment of one’s appearance or looks.

Actually face liposuction is a procedure that targets face, cheeks, jaws and neck area. As the name suggests, Liposuction means removal of fat and hence, face liposuction would naturally refer to the process of removing fat from the face area including from neck and jaws and help to get back that youthful looks.

Face Liposuction – how it is performed?

Any normal person tend to develop fat deposits around the face especially in areas such as jaws, cheeks and upper part of the neck. Using face liposuction procedure, the surgeon will remove fat deposits from these areas through small incisions made under the chin or even inside the nose.

To avoid any resultant scars, doctors have also started incisions in mouth corners so that the resultant scar may not be visible at all.

As liposuction aims at removing the excess fat and not the skin of any patient, the important factor that one has to consider is having an elastic skin condition so as to make the procedure more successful.

In any case the elasticity is not up to the desired level then another procedure has to be applied in which the folds of skin will be removed through surgery.

The face will get re-contoured after this procedure and one can get a youthful look for a long time. Take care to control the post-liposuction sagging of skin and this can be done by restricting your movement under sun, by avoiding drying of your face and by avoiding your exposure to any pollution.

Face Liposuction and the associated Risks

Generally in any liposuction the associated risks are almost nil and in the specific face liposuction it can be taken as totally nil. The amount of fat that has to be removed from the face area is normally very minimum and hence, the time and effort involved is also less leading to a totally risk-less situation.

However, if at all someone has to think of lateral risks, the inconvenience due to the lumpiness in face is the one that irritates the person.

Such lumpiness look of the face will result from faster removal of fat from one’s face and the same can easily be avoided or eliminated by using small cannula for extraction of fat.

The other type of risk that one may face is the secondary infection due to small incisions made for carrying out the liposuction procedure.

After the procedure and during the recovery period, there will be little accumulation of fluids inside the operated area and the same has to be controlled through antibiotics so as to avoid such fluids getting infected. You can get rid of such infection easily through proper post-surgery care.



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