Can a Liposuction Pill serve as an alternative for weight loss?

In the present 21st century, Liposuction still rules the world and is considered as the best cosmetic procedure for getting rid of the unwanted fat. However, research is going on at greater level on liposuction pill for making the pill as a viable alternative for shedding weight. There is a wide spread speculation that suggests that liposuction pill is indeed a viable method for weight loss.


The liposuction pill aims in curtailing or stopping the blood circulation to fat cells thereby leading to death of fat cells out of starving.

So far the tests were carried out only on mice and no clinical trials were carried out on humans. But, there is a very big claim, both in support and against, that the pill can increase the metabolism rates and can result in weight reduction to a considerable extent.

There are no proven results and the pill still continue to be a controversial one even today.

Beware of the wonder drug Ephedra

The controversial wonder drug Ephedra for weight reduction is again making its entry into the markets. Though a small dose of ephedra has been proved harmless, the usage of ephedra drug as a liposuction pill is yet to be ascertained, as there are no clinical trials conducted.

In Canada law permits usage of ephedra drug as long as it is used in isolation and the same cannot be used with any other similar drug. You can get tons of more reliable and other interesting information about the ephedra drug if you search the net with a single word “ephedra” in the search box.

Many web sites post tall claims that a liposuction pill is the best choice for shedding the extra weight and one can get into shape just by taking two tablets a day. The web sites also claim that there is no necessity for diet restrictions or exercise schedules.

The liposuction pill may be a good alternative for persons who would like to shed extra weight without adhering to taxing exercise schedules and for persons who do not mind paying a high price for the liposuction pill.

Many people look for quick results and hence they tend to believe in tall claims that can offer a quick remedy for their weight loss aspirations.

You may even come across advertisements saying “want to lose 5 to 6 pounds, then this is not for you” and you may be tempted to buy without understanding the hidden meaning in the advertisement.

Companies selling such pills pretty well know that any suggestion towards diet restriction will deter the people away and they lure people to get their product purchased with just a mention about the weight loss.

Once you find that the liposuction pill not working, they will counter the claim with a saying that the pill is not for people like you.

Ephedra cannot be taken as a solution for obese management and cannot be used for any weight loss programmes.

Though the drug was termed as “not dangerous”, that doesn’t mean that the liposuction pill is safe and can be used with favourable results for any weight loss programmes.

As of today liposuction is the only known procedure for weight management without any side effects and other complications.



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