Houston And Its Ultra Sonic Liposuction Techniques

Invented in 1980s in Europe, ultra sonic liposuction is a cosmetic method to remove cellulite and fatty tissue. It became popular in America later that decade. It uses an ultra sonic device to loosen fat and liquefy it for vacuum the underlying tissue and helps in its removal. There is brisk business in liposuction in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Houston. Here, the focus is on Houston ultra sonic liposuction.


Houston stereotypes are big oil, big ranchers, and beauty queens with big Texas hair. There is a big market for plastic surgery with the most innovative liposuction methods. Of the many categories available, the first one is the internal and external ultrasonic liposuction procedures.

In the former, a straight metal rod called cannula is used to puncture the skin and burn through the fatty tissue under the skin. External ultrasonic liposuction uses an ultra sound to loosen the tissue under lying.

If the tissues are injured, external ultrasound can cause burns nerve damage, seromas or fluid filled balls. The second category combines internal and external methods which can be wet, traditional or dry or tumescent. Most liposuction surgeons prefer internal ultrasonic method as it applies vibration directly to the fat below making it easier to remove with less harm to the adjacent tissues and skin.

In the wet method a fluid like saline is pumped in to tissues to avoid pain. The dry method, not using fluids, is obsolete today as patients require general anesthesia, greater recovery period because of tissue trauma, and blood transfusion. Tumescent method is the most popular and current method in Huston ultrasonic liposuction.

Tumescent means balloon-like or swollen. Klein tumescent solution is injected in to fatty tissue to inflate it. This is the best method to remove the fat to the maximum. It is different from the regular wet method as the Klein solution contains adrenaline to stop bleeding and lidocaine to treat pain.

How To Locate A Good Houston Ultrasonic Liposuction Surgeon?

With the knowledge of methods and types available, you can find the proper surgeon through the directories on line for resources. Oral references are also excellent. Despite their desire for big hair, big breasts, bellies and booties, Texans are ready to have them reduced through Houston ultrasonic liposuction for their good.




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